Want to host a hat party!? We are here to help! 


  • DEPOSIT: For groups of 4+ we ask for a deposit to make sure that we have enough hats, accessories, and staff on hand to help. The deposit can go towards the final total as a credit! Deposit requirement is $24 per person (non-refundable).
  • ADDITIONAL/OPTIONAL FEES: We are open 7 days a week and offer in-store hat parties during store hours (Monday-Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 11-5pm, Sunday 12-4pm). We do allow parties to be hosted outside of store hours for an additional $30/hr for a more private 1 on 1 experience...this can be before opening or after closing hours. Please note that all hat parties hosted during store hours are not 100% private as we are still open to the public.
  • AMENITIES: All hat parties are provided with the necessities for light food/beverages (eg. plates, napkins, utensils, setting area for beverages, water, etc) at no additional cost. Small snacks are welcome but no large catering items. Clients are responsible for providing their own food/beverages. You are welcome to bring champagne or other alcohol to make it a party! Please let us know at time of booking what kinds of food/beverage you are looking to bring to ensure we set up the appropriate place setting.
  • OFF-SITE EVENTS: Want us to come to you? We offer travel parties for those looking to host in their own home, private location, or for business events. There is a non-refundable travel fee starting at $250+. Shoot us an email or call our store for more info.


Hats start at $48+ with so many different colors to pick from! Our customization options include...

~~Straw Blank Hat $48~~

~~Vegan Suede Blank Hat $58~~

Pre-made hat band $28

Ribbons/strings/ropes (each) $8

Branding (each) $6

Letter charms/beads/buttons $2

Small novelty charms $4

Large novelty charms $6

Feather flower combo $16

Single feather (each) $2

Bandanas $22

Branded leather keychains $8 

*Items with tags are individually priced. Thank you :)

*We are constantly adding to our hat bar so more to come soon!


Please feel free to email customhatbar@gmail.com or call (512)584-8001 during store hours or for additional information or to set up a hat party! You may also fill out the form below with the following information and a hat designer will be in contact with you to help with booking. 





Thank you :)