Custom Hat Party

Want to host a hat party at our fun custom hat bar?! We would love to help! 
Here is some information on having a hat party at our store:
It is on a hat by hat basis.
For groups over 4 we just ask for a deposit to make sure that we have enough hats, accessories, and staff on hand to help. The deposit can go towards the final total as a credit!
There is not an additional fee if it is during store hours so the cost would just be for the hat and whatever each person picks to customize their own. If it is outside of store hours then there is a small fee just to make sure staff is covered for that time frame ($30 an hour). You are welcome to bring champagne or other beverages to make it a hat party! 
Most of the blank hats are only $48 and we have so many different colors to pick from. The ribbon, feathers, dried flowers, buttons, charms, etc range from $1-$8 ($8 for the embroidered ribbon and only $2 for regular ribbon). The removable bands are another option and are $10 for non-beaded and $28 for beaded. 

So far our customization options are:
-tons of different ribbon choices including embroidered ribbons
-burlap, suede, and silk ties
-removable beaded, leather, suede, or woven hat bands
-feathers in a variety of colors and shapes
-letter charms for making your initials, name, or nickname (can also do "bride" or "squad" etc. on the hat which is super cute!)
-branding of initials on cowboy style hats

We are constantly adding to our hat bar so more to come soon!

Please feel free to email for additional information or to set up a time! We have had so much fun hosting bachelorette parties, graduation parties, birthday parties, and more at our custom hat bar. We would love to host you and your group!
We love hosting hat parties! The picture above is from a hat party that we hosted for Waterloo Sparkling Water. It was so much fun! Email us at to set up your hat party!